Enter some HTML to compare different implementations of the text alternative computation. Only the first element (or an element with id="test") and its contents are considered.

Inline CSS is supported, but no javascript or external CSS.

Implementation Name Description Role


What is this?

Babelacc is an interactive tool to compare different implementations of the Accessible Name and Description Computation. It can be used by developers of these tools to find incompatibilities. It can also be used by web authors to check their content.

I also implemented this algorithm. Can you add my implementation?

Sure! Just create a pull request.

Why is the output of real browsers not included in the comparison?

The output of real browsers is actually more important than all of these tools. We would love to include it, but that is not that easy. If you have an idea how that could be done, feel free to submit a pull request.

Also note that the code is rendered below the list of results. So if you have assitive technologoes available you can check the output there.

I found an interesting case where implementations do not agree. What should I do with it?

Awesome! Consider submitting the test case to WPT.